Photographer Leão Castilho  

Photography is my passion.

Photos of Mozambique


Photos of Congo

Welcome to the site Simba Halu, which in the language Mwani means Uncle Lion. My friends call me Lion, Leão in portuguese, which in fact is my name. Hear I show some of the photos I take wherever I go.

Photos of Angola



The purpose of this website

During my work in Africa I had the opportunity to be in remote locations where there was no communications or electricity. But there were always people with an immense desire to meet new people and hear stories from other places. The request to take photos was constant and a smile was guaranteed. I had the opportunity to do social work in Congo, Senegal and Mozambique. Many of the photos on this site are of these activities as well as the landscapes surrounding the places and people I met, including Angola.

I recommend a slow visit that allows you to appreciate the purity and innocence of most of the people photographed. Many of these photos were taken after long periods in each region, which allowed people to trust me and act naturally.